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Program 04: Module on Protein Purification Techniques

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Efficiently conveyed Protein Purification Techniques to make you a pro. The subject involves studying a series of processes intended to isolate one or a few proteins from a complex mixture, usually cells, tissues or whole organisms and is important for characterization of the function, structure and the interactions of the protein of interest. Includes understanding the various methods to screen clones, hybridization and preparation and purification of vectors and so on. Become an expert with the concepts and get ahead with industrial applications.

Course Content:

  • Biochemical calculations
  • Buffer preparation
  • Precipitation techniques
  • Column Chromatography
    • Purification of enzyme using ion exchange chromatography
    • Gel filtration chromatography for separation of biomolecules
    • Purification of enzyme using affinity chromatography
  • Protein concentration techniques
  • Dialysis
  • Enzyme unit determination
  • Determination of specific activity
  • Protein stabilization
  • Purity checks
  • Western Blotting

Who should join?

If you are a biotechnology enthusiast, an MSc/MTech/ME in Life Sciences, who are looking to strengthen concepts and build on hands-on skills, which would help you grab the right job, this is the right place to enrol. 

Course Details:

The module consists of 2 weeks classroom training with our expert faculty followed by 2 weeks practical exposure with our service provider. Also avail our e-learner facility.

Total Duration: 4 weeks

The classes will be held in Biotecnika Bangalore branch/ Online. 

Lab Partner: Azyme labs

Customer Reviews

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Aditi Rai
Very knowledgeable and fruitful one.

My internship @ biotecnika was a very knowlegeable and fruitful one. I got to understand the nooks and cranny of protein purification a subject which made me go bonkers. I would like to thank the faculty members who took a keen interest in my theoretical and practical queries. Thankfully Protein purification isn't greek to me. Thank you Biotecnika.