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Code of Conduct for Students

Code of conduct (Students)
Aim of Biotecnika

The main aim of Biotecnika is to enable intellectual and professional development of the individual by fostering the process of clearance of various competitive exams in the field of Life Sciences & Chemical Sciences. Biotecnika aims at conducting this educational process in an environment that encourages reasoned discourse, intellectual honesty, openness and respect for the rights of all individuals. Self discipline is necessary for the fulfillment of such goals. Hence it is essential that a certain code of conduct need to be followed while attending classes at Biotecnika.

  1. While registering themselves for the requisite class the students must read this code of conduct and the refunds policy
  2. Students will be briefed on the percentage of syllabus that will be covered in the forthcoming lectures that will primarily lay emphasis on the important topics asked in the CSIR NET paper. Students are expected to have good knowledge pertaining to the basic concepts of each module.
  3. Students should practice a stringent code of conduct at all times. Respect for the Faculty, Organizations Property and Authority is a must. 
  4. Students should conduct themselves in an orderly manner and have a professional code of conduct in the academic environment. If found gossiping or giving feedback about one faculty to another will be liable to stringent action. In case the student wishes to give suggestions or feedback about a faculty he/she should contact the management. 
  5. If a student is continuously absent for a period of one week without permission, a notice will be sent to the student and to his parents / guardian and responsibility will not be taken for the deficit in the syllabus or inability of the student to clear the CSIR exams. No excuses for missing extra classes will be entertained and valid cause will be needed in case of absence written permission will be needed from the local guardians. 
  6. Instigating , disrupting or disturbing others students or interfering with, directly or indirectly, the discharge of the duties of a member of the faculty or the executives that hinders the normal functioning of the organization he/she will be liable to stringent action from the organization and may lead to expulsion . 
  7. Use of mobile phones or other electronic devices is strictly prohibited in once the student enters the organization. If the student is caught using any electronic devices he/she will be given Strict Warning and may also lead to expulsion. 
  8. The students will be briefed about the course curriculum, time, weightage allotted to each modules and the coverage of the topic during the time of the registration. Any complaints pertaining to the course completion and module coverage post the completion of the coaching will not be entertained. 
  9. Students cannot ask the faculties to share their personal details i.e., contact number and email id and also cannot ask them to share reference books. However, the faculty can cite the reference links for any website which they might have not mentioned in their website. 
  10. Suggestions and feedbacks for improving the overall quality of the lectures will be entertained only via mail to info@biotecnika.org and time of about one week should be given for implementation of the same. 
  11. Portions that have not been covered or the deficit in the topic coverage due to gazette holidays will be covered during extra classes for which the students might be asked to devote extra hours during the weekend. Students are expected to extend full cooperation. Prior information will be sent.
  12. Question answer session or doubt clearing session will be on request of the students on weekends arranged by the management. 
  13. The aim of the course is to foster the learning process of the students who are expected to have prior knowledge of the subject. It does not aim to cover the entire syllabus. Any complaints post the conclusion of the classes pertaining to syllabus coverage and the quality will thereby shall be not be entertained.
  14. BioTecNika Management reserves the right to extend and/or modify this code of conduct and the student must keep themselves acquainted.
  15. If any student is found abusing any staff member, coercing fellow class mates, damaging Coaching center property, his / her admission will be cancelled immediately and will not be allowed to take any further classes
  16. Any attempt to physically or mentally harassing any staff member or any class mate will result in immediate expulsion of the student
  17. Every Student must carry the Student ID card every day to the center for verification purposes. Any failure to reproduce the ID card will result in NON-ADMITTANCE of Student to the Center
  18. No Student or His / Her guardian should try to attempt  to hinder the usual operation of the Center , this can lead to immediate expulsion wih permanent termination of the student from the Study Center and no request for refund of Coaching fees will be entertained
  19. No Student or His / Her relative should pay any Cash / Kind / Gift to any Teacher or Staff Member. Always Insist for a bill Via Email against the payment so that your purchase is validated and with a proof of Purchase. A Hard Copy Bill may not be provided however do not forget to inform info@biotecnika.org if you do not get a bill against your purchase.
  20. All Claims of Refunds will be governed by the refunds Policy
  21. All Disputes are subject to Bangalore Jurisdiction Only