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NEET Classroom Coaching

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Prepare For NEET 2023-2024 With Biotecnika Under Experts With Over 10+ Years of Experience

Available at Bangalore

"Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

 At BioTecNika, we have options for everything. If you prefer face-to-face coaching in a physical setting, you can avail our NEET Classroom Coaching at a more affordable price.

About this Package

Our Classroom Coaching includes 600 hours of intensive coaching for CSIR Life Science, which will help you unfold your potential in achieving your target score for the CSIR NET Exam.


The following are included in the package:

  • Special Supplements on General Aptitude and Practice papers
  • NEE Test Series
  • Chat Support for Academic doubt solving
  • Free access to NEET Online Study Portal / NEET E-Learner containing PPTS, recorded lectures, and NEET study material soft copy.

Why Buy this NEET Classroom Coaching Package?

BioTecNika has a track record of 90% and a total of 229 BioTecNikans who have cleared the most dreaded CSIR NET exam last year. In return for this wonderful success, we have committed to helping NEET candidates now, both new and re-takers, to pass the NEET Exam. NEET Classroom Coaching By Biotecnika comes at a very affordable price, in fact, the lowest in the industry without compromising on the quality.

Where are the Classes Held?

The classes will be held in Bangalore at Biotecnika Headquarters.

Biotecnika Bangalore HQ Address1218, 11th A Cross Rd, Vanganahalli, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Got Questions? Feel free to contact 1800-1200-1818 / 080-5099-7000 toll-free for assistance.

BATCH Schedule: 

  • Morning Batch: 10 AM to 1 PM
  • After Noon Batch: 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM
  • Evening Batch: 7 PM to 10 PM (Online Only )
  • Weekend Batch: 10 AM to 5 PM


You will get the following things when buying this package:

  • Special Supplements on General Aptitude and Practice papers
  • Special NEET Notes
  • LIBRARY Access at the center
  • e-Libray access
  • NEET Test Series
  • Chat Support for Academic doubt solving
  • Free access to BioTecNika’s Online Study Portal 
  • NEET books and materials are delivered right in your doors step

What More Can You Get from BioTecNika’s NEET Exam Classroom Coaching?

Learn more about the Double Success Guarantee Program

BioTecNika introduces Double Success Guarantee Program to boost your success in the exam. If you fail in your first take, you still have a second chance of clearing the NEET Exam by taking our second Classroom Coaching for FREE. Yes, that’s right! Your second review with us will be free of charge. This program basically serves as insurance that we will not leave you hanging even if you fail in your first take. We are totally concerned about your outcome and we only want the best for you.

Why do we offer a Double Success Guarantee?

Our Double Success Guarantee Program (DSG) is one way of ensuring every candidate passes the exam. At the same, we are giving a chance for re-takers to save on the cost of re-taking classes and going through the hurdles of the NEET Exam for the second time. We strongly believe that every candidate is tomorrow’s future. Instead of putting you down, we insulate your failure and help you stand again.

Enroll with us today For our Classroom Coaching package.

Terms & Condition

  • The double Success Guarantee (DSG) program is exclusive to students who took the first NEET Exam but failed.
  • The Exam Attempt is a pre-condition to be able to avail of the Double Success Guarantee
  • The double Success guarantee is non-transferable to any other student. Anyone caught sharing or replicating our materials without permission or authority will be dealt with accordingly.

How to Know if Classroom Coaching is Right for You

Online courses are becoming more and more popular, which is why we have launched an e-Learning Management System. The ability to study at home and use your own laptop and personal computers is taking more students out of the classroom. But there are also students who prefer a classroom setting for NEET coaching. If you can’t decide whether to study online or in the classroom, these guiding reasons will be your stepping stones in deciding whether our NEET Classroom Coaching is right for you.

  • You have strong interpersonal skills development. When studying in the classroom setting, you must expect to work with groups with all kinds of people with many differing viewpoints. You want to talk to people and share your resources, discuss possible questions for the NEET, and come face-to-face with the coaches.
  • You have a slow learning development. You can’t concentrate when studying online and prefer a classroom setting. Your memorization skill is better when you study with a group than studying on your own.
  • You are not tech savvy. You are not into computers and devices. You want a traditional setting where you can see other students and ask questions to teachers personally. You prefer to study using NEET BOOKS rather than their soft version.
  • You are lacking motivation. You are not good in studying alone. You prefer face-to-face verbal feedback and constructive criticism from our NEET Exam coaches. Going to the classroom and seeing other students excel at their own pace gives you a sense of competition. In result, you are heavily motivated and you tend to make your pace faster.
  • You are easily distracted. You have many applications installed in your phone or computer which makes online study not feasible. You want some students and teachers who can obligate you to exert effort in reviewing for the NEET Exam.

Classroom Setting Package is always a good choice one way or another. Avail this package today and start studying for this year’s CSIR NET Exam.


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