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Masterclass on Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD) - PPT Download

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Masterclass on Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD) - PPT Download

The diseases in humans are evolving, and so is the drug discovery process. The complete process for the drug to come into the market can take up to 15 Years, which is approximately a quarter of a professional career. This complex process takes up a lot of time and resources. Over the past few years, a powerful technique, Computer-Aided drug designing, has made significant changes in the process. This In silico method is finding its application in various stages of drug designing. Not only does it accelerate the drug development process, but it also improves efficiency. 

This presentation is for every who is interested to know more about the revolutionary Technique which is now widely used in Pharmaceuticals- Computer-Aided drug designing(CADD) 

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  • File Size of PPT:34.2 MB
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  • Total Number of Slides in the PowerPoint: 45
  • Powerpoint Author: Dr.Tanushree & Mrs. Urmimala -Biotecnika Experts 

Key Contents of the presentation:

  • Traditional Drug Discovery process
  • What is CADD?
  • Principle of Computer-Aided Drug Design
  • Ligand Based Drug Design 
  • Structure-based Drug Design 
  • Tools & Softwares for CADD
  • Comparison- Conventional and modern methods
  • Applications of CADD

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Computer-Aided Drug designing is an indispensable tool in the modern Drug Discovery process. These techniques are being used to rapidly scan the vast chemical libraries to speed up the early identification of active compounds. CADD is being applied in research and development, identification of targets, validation, and preclinical studies. 

This presentation briefly explains the Drug discovery process and Computer-Aided Drug designing. One can also get understand the need for computational methods in the drug development process. CADD is one of the most sought out skills in candidates, and demand for this is expected to increases in the coming years. Pick your copy of the presentation today and learn more about Computer-Aided Drug Design

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