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How to make a Career in Legal Genetics

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The study of Genetics, genes, hereditary material is one of the fascinating fields of research. Genome studies keep presenting discoveries, new information that can answer thousands of questions we have. In addition, the research in gene manipulation is at its peak, and we are now able to understand its applications better. But, when it comes to handling the human genome, upto what extent can we manipulate the DNA? Can we play God? Who sets the boundaries for genetics research? All these questions are answered by a relatively new area called Legal Genetics. 

Check out the career-building course to explore more about Legal Genetics.

What this course offers:

  1. Introduction
  2. Legal Genetics Introduction 
  3. Genetics and its Branches
  4. Legal issues in Genetic Testing
  5. Bioethics
  6. Epidemiology and Legal Genetics
  7. Importance of the knowledge of Legal Genetics
  8. Legal Genetics Online Course By Biotecnika
  9. Companies working in the field of Legal Genetics

Features of the Course

  • Self-paced course- Start and Complete at your own time 
  • Mode- Online
  • Time required to complete- 90 Mins Approximately 
  • Course Instructors: Mr. Shekhar Suman, Mrs. Somrhita Pal, and Dr. Pousali Chatterjee.
  • Course Activation: An email with login credentials will be sent upon enrollment
  • Course validity: 

Why should you enroll? 

Legal Genetics is a budding field that deals with the ethical, legal, and social issues related to genetic testing and research. Genetics information is highly sensitive and must be treated carefully. Misuse of this information needs to be monitored carefully. The growth in genetic research has created the need and opportunity for Legal Genetics to flourish.  

In this career development course, our panel of experts discusses the need for Legal Genetics in detail. Also, learn how one can build a successful career as a geneticist, companies working in this field, and the future prospects. This course was developed keeping in all students from Bioscience background.