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Genomic Databases & Analysis Tools eBook pdf Download

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Genomic Databases & Analysis Tools - Download eBook

There are roughly 20,000 to 25,000 genes in a human body. Until lately, the term genome was utilized to define the entire set of chromosomes that made up a particular species. But, now researchers use the term genome to refer to the whole set of DNA sequences derived from each chromosome of a particular species. Genomics is a comparatively new and ever-growing discipline committed to the study of defining genomes in this more explicit approach. Genomics is applied in the field of medicine for the early detection of genetic diseases, diagnosis, and treatment, in the field of agriculture, to study evolution through mutation lineages, and in forensic sciences. Genomics is paving the way for new diagnoses, treatments, and therapy for patients with rare and ultra-rare diseases.

Genomic databases are referred to as online repositories of genomic variants, which allow storing, sharing, and comparison of data across research studies, across data types, across individuals, and across organisms. Genomic data are transforming the life science domain, enabling genome-wide studies into gene function and expression, and genomic organization. Genomic Analysis tools are computer software that evaluates one or more sequences. There are several genomic databases and tools available for genomic research.

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