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Google & Amazon's strategy in Healthcare & Biotechnology - PPT Download

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Google & Amazon's strategy in Healthcare & Biotechnology

The Biotech and healthcare fields have gone hand in hand for many years. The advancements happening in each of these fields have been significant. The future of these fields looks bright, and even Tech Giants like Amazon and Google have been actively investing in this field. Our experts have analyzed the trends over the past few years and have put together the strategies these companies utilize to enter the Biotech and Healthcare industry.

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  • Powerpoint Author: Mrs. Priyanjana Gosh 

Key Contents of the presentation:

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Connecting AI, Machine learning, and Deep learning
  • Google- Prioritizing Artificial Intelligence
  • Google & Healthcare
  • Amazon and Health Care strategy 
  • Google & Amazon’s strategy in Biotech

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Computers, Artificial Intelligence, and Big data are taking over Biotech in the Healthcare field. With the advent of these technologies finding solutions to complex biological problems has become easy and less time-consuming. Companies like Amazon and Google are using their Technologies and expanding in the area of Healthcare.

Our experts have compiled Google and Amazon’s strategies in this presentation and how these companies are making significant contributions to Biotech and Healthcare. The latest technologies are discussed in depth. By studying the strategies, one can understand and what the future holds.

The future of the Healthcare and Biotech sector lies in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. To know more about the activities and latest technologies being implemented in the Biotech and Healthcare sectors,  download this PPT right away.