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Advanced Study Techniques for CSIR NET & GATE

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Preparing for CSIR NET or GATE Examination is no child’s play. Getting sidetracked from the preparation is common among all students. But quickly bouncing back from the distractions is what sets apart smart students from the rest. 

If exam preparation is giving you a hard time, do not worry! Our experts have created a career guidance course that will guide you and equip you with some of the advanced study tools which can change the way you study. The techniques and methods discussed in this course will help you stay focused and prepare smartly for the competitive exams. 

What will you learn from this course?

  1. Introduction
  2. Approaches to studying
  3. Effective learning strategies - 1
  4. Effective learning strategies - 2
  5. Time management for CSIR NET Exam preparation
  6. Problems faced during exams
  7. Preparation for success
  8. Effective study skills-1
  9. Effective study skills - 2
  10. Advanced Study Apps / Tools
  11. Biotecnika memory aids

Features of the Course

  • Flexible Timings- Start and Complete at your own time 
  • Mode- Online
  • Time required to complete- 90 Mins Approximately
  • Course Instructors: Mr. Shekhar Suman, Mrs. Urmimala Ray & Dr. Violet Senapati
  • Course Activation: An email with login credentials will be sent upon enrollment
  • Course validity: Life Time

Takeaways from this career guidance course: 

If you are a CSIR NET & GATE Exam aspirant then this course is a must-have for you. Learn how to plan and manage your time from the beginning of preparation. Our experts are giving away valuable tools which can be used by all students during their studies. Enroll in the course and learn about the scientific methods of learning and preparing for a competitive exam.  

This course is specially made for students preparing for CSIR NET/ GATE/ DBT or any other competitive exams. Master simple hacks which can change the way you prepare for an exam and make it smooth sailing.