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Workshop on 10 Life Science Trends Every Msc & PhDs Must Know About The Biopharma Market + Job Search Trends

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Whether You had been working in the same lab for a few years, Doing the same experiments with the same techniques, not really learning anything new.

Or if are you feeling like you are going nowhere and not developing any useful skills.

This is a must-attend Workshop for you

Why attend this Workshop:

  • Want to leave academia, but want to know what good are your abilities outside of the academic environment?
  • It may seem like everyone around you just wants to stay in academia but you can make real money in the industry if you know these trends
  • Even if you are working in the biotech industry and have moved through a few companies, you still need to learn and practice these trends
  • To your surprise, you will find many opportunities available to you as a Ph.D. outside of academia.

In this Webinar:

  • Our Industry Experts will explain all the exciting work that is currently being done in biopharma domain
  • You will suddenly realize, there is a whole other world beyond academia: JRF, SRF & Lecturership & becoming a professor
  • You will realize that you had been living in a miserable academic bubble and this webinar will make you finally see what is really available outside the university.
  • You will get ideas on where to start your job search.
  • Finally, It all will seem so overwhelming and you will make informed decisions about your career using the tools in this webinar
  • By networking with our experts, you will be able to set up a few informational interviews and learn about the variety of positions in biopharma.
  • With a lot of research and a little coaching from our experts, you will be confidently able to pursue a new career in the industry.

Sounds exciting? Join us for this workshop on:

  • Workshop Name: 10 Life Science Trends Every Msc & PhDs Must Know About The Biopharma Market & Job Prospects
  • Time: 16th August 2018 7 PM, Rebroadcast on 17th August 2018
  • Venue: Online, Attend from Home
  • Duration: 120 Minutes
  • e-Certificate: All Eligible participants will be provided e-Participation Certificates ( except those who opt for no certificate )
  • Workshop fees:
    • Only Attend, No Certificate: 99
    • Attend + e-Certificate: Rs, 499
    • Attend + Hard Copy Certificate: Rs, 999 Rs
  • DOWNLOAD VIDEO RECORDING: All attendees of this webinar will be provided with the Video recording download option for this webinar within 24 hours of the webinar. So even if you miss the workshop, the video recording download link will be provided to you.
  • Workshop Expert Speakers: Dr. Prabakaran Ravichandran, Dr. Rashmi Sanyal, Dr. Priyanjana Ghosh, Dr. Sunita, Dr. Saba Noor, Mr. Shekhar Suman

Why this Workshop is not FREE:

Our experts have done in-depth research, This analysis is not just rare but also very crucial information not readily available on the Internet. If you wish to stay ahead of the crowd and the growth curve, Rs 99 ( including GST ) is a very small investment towards your career. Whether you are getting started in the industry or you have already burnt your fingers here, this workshop is a must attend for all. Also, we believe that Rs 99 is a very minimal investment towards your career if you are serious in making a mark in the industry.

Your Biotech Career Ladder: 

No matter where you stand today, You can be at the top of the Biotech career ladder ( see below ) if you follow the steps outlined in this workshop.

Want to learn more about the Biotech Career ladder? click here

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Shafina Siddiqui

I was able to get the idea about what are the things I could try my hands on...

Very Informative

It was very informative. I liked it a lot. Thanks Biotecnika!

scope in biosciences

the webinar was very informative. some concept were repetitive but rest information was very useful for all students of bio-science and biotechnology

Kavyashree K V
Explored Knowledge to be Explosive

The information provided by the workshop it explored on Biotechnology who are desiring to achieve their aim and contribute. I am happy by this explosion which is igniting my minds how to explore in this WOW BIO-LIFE.

Thank you very much.

Explosion of Knowledge

Amazing worshop. Very informative. Thankyou Biotecnika for the guidance.