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AIMNET 2024 - CSIR NET Life Science Online Test Series - 120 Tests Included*

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AIMNET 2.0 - CSIR NET Life Science Online Test Series

with 5000 PART C Questions


Maximize Your Score: Boost Your CSIR NET Performance with AIMNET Test Series

  • 20 Tests if you select AIMNET Test Series
  • 20+120 Practice tests (if you select AIMENT 2.0 with 5000 part C Questions)

Hello CSIR NET Aspirants

We are delighted to announce the launch of the much-loved AIMNET Test Series for the upcoming June 2024 Exam. With less than 30 days remaining until the highly anticipated exam, we understand the importance of rigorous preparation and the need for a comprehensive assessment tool. The AIMNET Test Series is designed to provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to fine-tune your knowledge, boost your confidence, and maximize your chances of success.

The AIMNET Test Series consists of a total of 20 tests, meticulously crafted to cover every aspect of the CSIR NET Exam. These tests are strategically divided into three categories, each catering to specific areas of the syllabus, ensuring a well-rounded evaluation of your preparation.

  • To begin, we have AIMNET 0, a General Aptitude test that will help you sharpen your skills in dealing with the non-technical aspects of the exam. This section is essential to develop problem-solving abilities and improve performance.
  • AIMNET 1 to AIMNET 13 will focus on unit-wise questions, encompassing both Part B and Part C of the CSIR NET Exam. Each test in this series is designed to assess your understanding of individual units, enabling you to identify areas that require further attention and practice.
  • AIMNET 14 to AIMNET 20 will present you with full syllabus tests. These comprehensive examinations will simulate the actual CSIR NET Exam environment, providing you with a realistic experience and helping you fine-tune your time management skills.

Salient Features:

  • 20 Tests if you select AIMNET Test Series
  • 120 Practice tests (if you select AIMENT 2.0 with 5000 part C Questions)
  • Part A and unit-wise questions included + full syllabus
  • Based on csir net exam pattern
  • Best for last-minute revision
  • Includes important questions

The AIMNET Test Series is carefully designed to replicate the online exam pattern set by CSIR NET. This ensures that you become familiar with the format, interface, and navigation of the exam, reducing any anxiety or surprises on the test day.

Furthermore, we have implemented negative marking in the AIMNET Test Series, mirroring the CSIR NET Exam's marking scheme. Each correct answer will fetch you +4 marks, while a wrong answer will result in a loss of 1 mark. This feature encourages precision and aids in improving your accuracy during the exam.

Time management is crucial in any competitive exam, and the AIMNET Test Series addresses this aspect effectively. All tests are time-based, providing you with an opportunity to practice under timed conditions and develop efficient time allocation strategies.

To enhance your learning experience, we provide detailed answer keys and explanations for each test. This feedback will not only give you an insight into your performance but also guide you in understanding the rationale behind the correct answers, facilitating your learning process.



Features of the AIMNET Test Series:

  • 13 Unit-wise test series + 7 Full syllabus test series.
  • The test is designed as per CSIR NET online exam pattern
  • Negative Marking enabled – every correct answer fetched you +4, while every wrong answer will cost you a loss of 1 mark.
  • All Tests are time-based to help you in time management during the exam.
  • Get the Answer key + Explanation for questions at the end of the test with the percentage score.

Enrolling in the AIMNET Test Series means equipping yourself with a powerful tool that enables comprehensive self-assessment, targeted improvement, and increased confidence. The test series is curated by subject matter experts and experienced educators who understand the intricacies of the CSIR NET Exam and have designed the tests accordingly.

Register For AIMNET 2024 Here

So, seize this opportunity to propel your preparation to new heights. Join the AIMNET Test Series for the June 2024 Exam and embark on a journey that will refine your knowledge, enhance your exam-taking abilities, and bring you closer to your dream of cracking the CSIR NET Exam.

Remember, success favours the prepared mind. Take the first step towards success by enrolling in the AIMNET Test Series today!

Wishing you all the best for your upcoming CSIR NET Exam!

AIMNET Schedule




General Aptitude PART A Based Questions


Unit- 1 PART B & PART C Questions


Unit- 2 PART B & PART C Questions


Unit- 3 PART B & PART C Questions


Unit- 4 PART B & PART C Questions


Unit- 5 PART B & PART C Questions


Unit- 6 PART B & PART C Questions


Unit- 7 PART B & PART C Questions


Unit- 8 PART B & PART C Questions


Unit- 9 PART B & PART C Questions


Unit- 10 PART B & PART C Questions


Unit- 11 PART B & PART C Questions


Unit- 12 PART B & PART C Questions


Unit- 13 PART B & PART C Questions

AIMNET 14-20

Full Syllabus Test

Frequently asked questions: 

  • Eligibility for the Test Series-

Any Life science candidate preparing for the CSIR NET Exam for LS or JRF can enroll. 

  • What is the validity of this test series?

The test series will be valid till the upcoming exam from the date of enrollment 

  • Is this test series free for Biotecnika students? 

If you are a student of coaching or study materials for CSIR NET then this test series will be automatically activated in your student portal. It is not free for self-learning courses or Certification course students 

  • How many times can one attempt?

In both the practice & exam mode, one can attempt the questions any number of times.  

  • Questions will be based on per CSIR NET exam pattern & syllabus?

Yes, The questions will be based on CSIR NET Syllabus

  • What is the minimum requirement to give the test?

To have a hurdle-free experience it’s advisable to have a laptop/ PC and a stable internet connection. 

How to register for AIMNET Exams?

  • Enroll In AIMNET Test series
  • A study portal will be assigned to you with access to the AIMNET test series.

Also if you Buy Biotecnika Study material + Online e-learning Portal access you will get:

  • AI-AIMNET All India Online test series Absolutely Free.
  • Academic Doubt Solving
  • watch our Classroom Videos sitting at Home
  • Previous Year Question papers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Raj Kumar Singh
best quality of questions

AIMNET Consist of the best quality of questions, I gave this test twice the first time I gave I got an idea about how much more I have to work on the syllabus, giving the test second time made me more confident in clearing the CSIR NET exam.

Gajendra singh
These tests were really tough

These tests were really tough and their assistance is amazing. If I ask the question at 3 pm, I got the answer by max 3:30 PM. so its good also they motivate us.

Was eagerly waiting for it to start!

I have attempted AIMNET in past its very helpful, no doubt. But i have a question, should i go for AIMNET or Videonet, i am confused, please help me.

Brilliant assistance

This is the best ever help I have ever received for my NET test.