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CRISPR Cas9 Genome Editing Internship

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Virtual Online Internship as well as Offline Hands-on Internship Available

Applications are Invited from Interested & Eligible candidates who wish to make a Career in Gene Editing and CRISPR. CRISPR Technology is so important that it got a Nobel prize for its discoverer: Jennifer Doudna. Now it's your turn to use this magical tool and enhance your career and build a sound future.

CRISPR Technology is simple yet powerful and full of promises. Efficient and straightforward have become synonyms of CRISPR Tech in genome editing. It is now associated with major studies like correcting Genetic errors, eliminating disease-causing microbes, creating new and healthier foods, CRISPR in cancer therapy, etc. CRISPR technology is already taking over the research world; It is time you become acquainted with and master the technology.

Starts on 14th October, 2022

This cutting-edge technology is changing the way genome editing is done worldwide. This technology was adopted from a simple naturally occurring genome editing mechanism in bacteria and now is one of the Nobel prize-winning techniques. 

Biotecnika is proud to announce Virtual Internship in One of the most significant techniques in current Research- CRISPR Technology. 

CRISPR Technology & Future 

CRISPR applications can be found in vast areas like microbiology, human biology, agriculture, etc. CRISPR cas9 is one of the basic techniques being used in gene editing projects and research. Scientists worldwide are working on using CRISPR in curing and managing Human diseases. The future of a CRISPR specialist looks bright and promising. 

CRISPR Technology Virtual + Offline Hands-on Internship Details: 

Duration: 14 days 

Course Module:



Module 1: Foundations of CRISPR/Cas

Day 1

Genome Editing with CRISPR- An Introduction

Day 2

Repair - HDR, NHDR (Homology directed repair)

Day 3

Methods for mutation detection and cell manipulation using the most current technologies.

Module 2: Basic Principles, Structural Aspects of CRISPR/Cas Technology

Day 4

gRNA and PAM CRISPR locus, Selection of appropriate vector system (using gRNA)

Day 5

Variants and applications of Cas

Day 6

CRISPR interference - CRISPRi and CRISPRa

Day 7

CRISPR on-target and off-target analysis

Module 3: Applications of CRISPR/Cas9 Technology

Day 8

Promoting Resistance to Infectious diseases with CRISPR, Optimizing Microorganisms with CRISPR

Day 9

Generation of knock-in knock out cells, disease models

Day 10

Application in genetic disorders and Biomedicine

Day 11

Application in induced pluripotent stem cells

Day 12

Application in plant breeding and horticulture

Day 13

Co-evolution - Reverse Transcriptase associated with CRISPR CAS system


Day 14

Ethics, recognitions, patents, limitations, and future aspects

Ps: Every Module will be followed by an Assignment and real-world Hands-on Work experience

Why enroll in Biotecnika’s Virtual Internship? 

Biotecnika’s CRISPR Virtual internship provides a fantastic opportunity for students to strengthen their skills from the comfort of their homes. It provides a unique opportunity to learn the concepts from the industry experts, practice at their own pace, and gain the knowledge required to make a successful career in this growing industry.

Live demo sessions will accompany the lectures to give the students a proper understanding of the concepts, and Online Live interaction will allow spot doubt clearance.  

What if I want Offline Hands-on Internship?

Offline Hands-On Internship is available only n our labs located in Bangalore, There will be additional charges for the same

Who should take up this Virtual Internship program?

  • This Internship will be highly beneficial for BSc and Btech students from Biotechnology, microbiology, genetics, biochemistry, and other Biosciences - You will get to learn the basics and advanced concepts of CRISPR Genome editing. 
  • MSc & Mtech candidates looking forward to learning CRISPR Technology in depth.
  • Research scholars and Ph.D. aspirants must also attend the Internship to gain experience and knowledge on advanced tools used in research. 

Certification: A hard copy certificate will be given to all participants after successfully submitting all assignments. This certificate can be shared with your potential employers and with your network. 

Frequently asked questions on CRISPR Technology Virtual Internship.

Are these going to be live sessions?

The CRISPR Technology Virtual Internship will combine live interactive sessions, recorded self-learning classes, and assignments. However, our experts will be available to guide you throughout the course. 

What If I miss a session?

The recording of the sessions will be available for five days post-completion of the internship. So you can go back and refer to the recordings, but make sure you do not miss the live sessions and take maximum benefit from them. 

Can I get hands-on training?

Yes, hands-on training is available in Bangalore. Extra Charges applicable 

How to get the hard copy certificate?

To avail, of the hard copy certificate, the candidate should complete the assignments. Upon submission of the same, a hard copy certificate will be sent to your address.

Whom do I contact for any further queries or technical difficulties?

Have any trouble? Get in touch with our team. Click on that Chat thingy or write to us cst@biotecnika.org or info@biotecnika.org.