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Single Cell Technology Certification Course

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 Single-Cell Technology Online Course

The area of Biological research and development has reached a high level of sophistication. The latest techniques and methodologies have enhanced the way we understand basic cellular events and processes. One such topic which has caught the attention of all molecular biologists is Single Cell Technology or Single Cell Analysis. 

Single Cell Technology can be defined as the study of genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and cell-cell interactions at the single-cell level. The breakthroughs in this technology have opened up vast opportunities in gene expression studies, cancer studies, heart disease studies, single-cell RNA Sequencing, etc. 

Though the term sounds simple, the field of Single Cell Technology has a great deal to offer to the research and Industry. Biotecnika’s latest Certification course on Single Cell Technology is specially designed to introduce to all eager learners the concept of Single Cell Studies. In this self-learning course learn more about the latest Isolation techniques, application of single-cell technology in various research fields, and the future of Single Cell Technology.

The Course Module:

Session 1: Single Cell Isolation and Analysis

Session 2: Single-cell sequencing methods

Session 3: Single-cell in epigenetics research

Session 4: Role of a single cell in cancer genomics

Session 5: Techniques involved to study the immune system

Session 6: Single immune cell analysis using microfluidics and antibody screening

Session 7: Study of hematopoietic aging

Session 8: Role of single-cell RNA sequencing in crop improvement

Session 9: Single-cell technology in the omics world

Session 10: Single Cell Heterogeneity

Session 11: Single-cell technology for bacterial analysis

Session 12:Single Cell Mass Spectrometry

Session 13:Application of single-cell in brain development and regeneration process

Session 14: Current challenges in Single Cell Technology and future directions

What should you expect from this certification Course?

  • Course content Meets the industry standard.
  • Flexible learning- Learn anytime from anywhere.
  • Timings are suitable as per the students and working professionals
  • A hard copy of the certificate will be provided on course completion that adds weightage to your profile.

 Who is eligible?

  • BSc/Btech/MSc/ Mtech candidates who have a keen interest in studying Bacteriology and the related aspects
  • Research scholars looking forward to polishing their knowledge
  • Teaching and Industry enthusiasts

Frequently asked questions on Single Cell Technology Certification Course

  • What is an Online Self-Learning Course?
  • An Online Self Learning Certification Course means you can log in at any time and study at your own pace. However, you must watch 90% of all the lessons to proceed to the next lesson, and if you want a Hard copy certificate, you must clear the evaluation test, which will be available at the end of the course.

    • How to get started with the self-learning course?

    Once you enroll in the awesome course, You will get the activation email almost immediately. Start and finish the course at your own pace! Start learning whenever you can. There is no need to bend your schedule.

    • What is the validity of the Course?

    You will get Life Time Access to the course. Amazing, isn't it!. Sit back, relax, and take up the course anytime you feel on any device, whether it is a laptop or mobile.

    • How to unlock the next lesson of the course?

    Once you master a session, hit the Complete and Continue button on the top to begin your next session. Make sure you don't skip through! Unless you complete the current lesson, you cannot proceed to the next lesson. This process is in place to ensure you understand all the concepts thoroughly because we want to become the master of it:)

    • What is the time limit to complete the Online Course?

    You will get Unlimited access to the course. But the course completion certificate is only given once you have completed the course, attempted & passed the test given at the end of the course. But you need not worry; the course will still stay with you. You can read & refer to it again.

    • How do I evaluate myself?

    Time to test all the knowledge you have gained. Take the test at the end of the course and evaluate yourself. Every Self Learning Course has a test at the end, upon successful completion of which certificates are handed over.

    • How do I get the hard copy certificate for the Course?

    To avail of the hard copy certificate, Take the test at the end of the course. Clearing the test ( with a minimum of 40%) will earn you the certificate. The certificate will be sent to your doorstep.

    • Whom do I contact for any further queries?

    Are you having any trouble? Get in touch with our team. Click on that Chat thingy or write to us cst@biotecnika.org or info@biotecnika.org.