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Metabolomics & Systems Biology Certification Course

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Metabolomics and Systems Biology Course

Have you ever wondered, Why do some people develop illnesses while others don't? What is the reason individuals respond differently to the same medications? Many such questions have kept the systems biology Scientists on their toes for many years. Metabolomics, one of the promising fields of ‘OMICS’ which has opened up many avenues to understand these questions.

Metabolomics is a field that deals with large scale study of metabolites found within the cells, body fluids, tissues, or organisms. These metabolites are proving to be of great importance in the assessment of health and have applications in other biological sciences.

Why should you enroll?

Metabolomics and Systems Biology Course is specially designed to throw light in the merging field of Metabolomics. It has several applications in health and disease, including precision/personalized medicine, single-cell, epidemiologic population studies, metabolic phenotyping, and metabolome-wide association studies (MWAS), precision metabolomics, and in combination with other omics disciplines as integrative omics, biotechnology, and bioengineering. The course gives you an introduction to metabolomics, the tools and techniques we use to study the metabolome, and explains the use of these. Metabolomics and various diseases, its syndromes, the analytical tools used are discussed in detail.

Who must attend the Metabolomics and Systems Biology Course?

  • Students in their B.Sc / B.Tech / M.Sc / M.Tech / Ph. D
  • Aspiring scientists who look forward to working further in the field of “OMICS.”
  • Science enthusiasts who like to stay updated about the recent research updates.
  • Any candidate who is looking for a career in the life science industry.

What topics will you cover?

  1.  Introduction to Metabolomics and Systems Biology
  2.  Cancer metabolomics.
  3.  Diagnostic biomarkers in metabolomics.
  4.  Metabolic modeling and Synthetic biology.
  5.  Metabolomics in drug discovery.
  6.  Plant and Environmental metabolomics
  7.  Transcriptomics and proteomics.
  8.  Computational methodologies
  9.  Analytical techniques in metabolomics
  10.  Metabolomic syndrome
  11.  Metabolomic devices
  12.  Lipidomics
  13.  Disease focused research in Metabolomics.
  14.  Metabolics-Its future aspects

Course Instructors: Dr. Rashmi Sanyal, Mrs. Urmimala, Dr. Priya Goswami & Mrs. Divya S

Mode of Course: Online Self Learning Course

Benefits of Attending Biotecnika Certification course:

  • Course content Meets the industry standard
  • Attend online anywhere anytime
  • Interactive sessions with on spot doubt clearance
  • Timings are suitable as per the students and working professionals
  • A hard copy of Certificates will be provided on course completion that adds weightage to your profile.
  • Job and Research-Oriented courses at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions on Metabolomics and Systems biology course

  • What is an Online Self Learning Course?

An Online Self Learning Certification Course means you can log in any time and study at your own pace. However, you must watch 90% of all the lessons to proceed to the next lesson and if you want a Hard copy certificate, you must clear the evaluation test, which will be available at the end of the course.

  • How to get started with the self-learning course?

Once you enroll for the awesome course, You will get the activation email almost immediately. Start and finish the course at your own pace! Start learning whenever you can. There is no need to bend your schedule.

  • How to unlock the next lesson of the course?

Once you master a session, hit the Complete and Continue button on the top to begin your next session. Make sure you don't skip through! Unless you complete the current lesson, you cannot proceed to the next lesson.

  • What is the time limit to complete the course?

           Unlimited access until you decide to complete the course. But once you have given your certification test, the session ends. If you fail the test, you can revise the course again.

  • How do I evaluate myself?

           Time to test all the knowledge you have gained. Take the test at the end of the course and evaluate yourself. Every Self Learning Course has a test at the end.

  • How to get the hard copy certificate?

          To avail, the hard copy certificate, Take the test at the end of the course. Clearing the test ( with a minimum of 40%) will earn you the certificate. The certificate will be sent to your doorstep. Now you know not to skip through the course.

  • Whom do I contact for any further queries?

Having any trouble? Get in touch with our team. Click on that Chat thingy or write to us cst@biotecnika.org or info@biotecnika.org

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pooja Mahapatra
Nice platform easy understanding

Nice platform easy understanding how to take the course how to get the certificate and the benefits of taking this course everything is explained so beautifully.

Meera Singh
Nice course with reasonable price and that too sitting back at home or anywhere u can access the ...

Nice course with reasonable price and that too sitting back at home or anywhere u can access the course easily. Metabolomics a very essential topic for research

Pratikshya Kumari
The tools and techniques we use to study the metabolome are explained very nicely.

Metabolomics a very essential topic to research why different people react to different medicines other not. The tools and techniques we use to study the metabolome are explained very nicely.