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A Handbook for writing a Research Paper - eBook Pdf Download

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Sitting down to write a scientific research paper is a tough task. But as a research scientist, you must share your work with others even in the most demanding formats. One of these formats is a scientific paper that will be published in scientific journals.

Writing a better scientific paper can really take time. But each time is surely going to be worth it. In this ebook pdf, you will learn the most effective ways of writing a better scientific paper.

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  • Number of Pages: 61
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Table of Contents:

  1. Why A Good Scientific Composition Really Matters In Biology?
  2. An Introduction To Research Paper
  3. Motivation For Writing A Research Paper
  4. Types Of Research Paper
  5. How To Do A Literature Search?
  6. Structure Of A Research Paper
  7. Writing Style Of A Research Paper
  8. Steps For Composing A Research Paper
  9. Guidelines For Good Graphics
  10. What An Editor Seeks In A Research Paper?
  11. How To Choose A Journal?
  12. Cover Letter For The Research Paper
  13. Peer Review
  14. Ethics Of Publication
  15. Important Things To Consider
  16. Final Checklist For Author
  17. Things To Avoid When Composing Your Article
  18. Inappropriate Publication Practices

PS: This eBook is copyright of BioTecNika and it is only for personal usage by Students, researchers, and scientists.