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Don't Graduate Its a Trap Quote Premium T-Shirts

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Don't Graduate Its a Trap Quote Premium Unisex T-Shirts

Biotecnika Graduate Quote T-Shirt - Buy Awesome Printed Biosciences T-shirt from a wide range of trendy biosciences related quotes and designs.

Ever Wondered why IT Industry should rule and not the Biotech Industry?

Why should IT People only be those Guys who flaunt - Hey I am from IT, I am So cool! Enough we thought!

For the first time in India,

Biotecnika Presents its own range of Funky, Stylish, Eco-friendly Biotech Pro Unisex T-shirts For the Cool Guys & Gals of Biotech. It's time for us biotechnologists to flaunt the style we carry.

Make your own Bio-Style Statement both inside & outside the lab.


Why we made this Tshirt

We are always on the route of innovation and creation. Biotecnika and Rasayanika present you with our very own Merchandise specially curated for all the researchers in the field of life sciences and chemical sciences. We made this T-shirt so that all the great people of biosciences can showcase their inner researcher in the form of fashion. All around the world, T-shirts are a staple part of wardrobes. With Biotechnika’s range of catchy T-shirts, every Biologist has a wide variety of vibrant designs to choose from. Biotecnika has various quotes and you can select the ones which you most relate with. We go by the current culture of representing something you like by wearing it. You can flaunt your life as a researcher by wearing our uniquely curated T-shirts. You could also buy the T-shirts as a perfect gift for your budding researcher friends. With these T-shirts, you can now make your statement outside the labs and not just at the lab.

About the Quote

Don't we all wish that we can get back to being kids sometimes? Adulting can be tough, wonder why did want to grow up sooner! We realize that we are officially into the real world all by ourselves when we complete our graduation. From the start to making new friends, figuring out the subjects, learning all the laboratory skills, exams, projects, seminars, and BAM! College is over, college days seem to pass by so quickly. The fear of adulthood starts creeping in as we get on to placements, trying to find a job, or continuing with higher studies, and just so many options to choose from! But somehow, we all still figure out our ways and find our solutions. As a memory of your college days or as a step into preparing for life after college, you can credit yourself by buying our creative T-shirts such as the Biotecnika Graduate Quote T-shirt with the quote "Don't Graduate! It's A Trap". You can flaunt wearing this Biotecnika Graduate Quote T-Shirt and make your way through our crazy real world!

Where You Can Wear the Biotecnika Graduate Quote T-Shirt:

T-shirts are never out of style and are always a staple part of wardrobes everywhere. They are a must in anyone's closet as they can be used in so many different ways. You can use Biotecnika's Graduate T-shirt and dress 'em up or can even wear as casual wear. The reason why T-shirts are evergreen in fashion is because of how versatile they can be along with being so much comfortable. With T-shirts, you can just throw them right over your heal and there is no need to deal with anything else. Biotecnika Graduate Quote T-Shirt guarantees supreme comfort and is surely versatile and can be worn under any occasion. You can pair the T-shirt with your Pair it with your favorite jeans or pack it for your next vacation. Not only does it rock under the lab coat but takes you from morning to evening looking effortlessly. Suitable for casual Sunday brunches to dinner outings to friends and family. Style up your wardrobe with the Biotechnika Graduate T-shirt and stand out of the crowd and be ready to have all eyes on you!

Biotecnika Graduate Quote T-Shirt Description:

  • Cloth Material: 100% Cotton Made in India


  • Standard Sizing:

  • Wash Care: Machine Wash Only
  • Estimated Order Processing Time: 48 Working hours
  • Estimated Delivery Time:
    • Metros: 3 - 5 days
    • Rest of India: 4 - 7 days
  • 7 Days Replacement / Returns in case of Size 

PS: Colors may slightly vary depending on your screen brightness.

Grab Your Biotecnika Don't Graduate It's a Trap T-Shirt Now! Buy the Awesome Biosciences-Style Printed Eco-friendly and Unisex T-shirts from a wide range of Funky, Stylish, Trendy biosciences related quotes and designs.

What are you waiting for? It's Now Time For Us Biotechnologists to Flaunt the Style We Carry! Grab your Bio-Style Printed T-shirts Now!