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Indian Youth must Skill, Re-Skill & Up-Skill to keep up with the demand - Indian PM

Indian Youth must Skill, Re-Skill & Up-Skill to keep up with the demand - Indian PM

Skill, Re-Skill & Up-Skill - PM Modi's Mantra To Stay Job Relevant

How To Stay Job Relevant During Pandemic - PM Modi Tells India's Youth

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the work culture as well as the nature of jobs. The advancing new technologies have also influenced this change. The youngsters are acquiring new skills looking at the changing work culture and nature of jobs. The business and markets are rapidly changing, that everyone is confused about how to stay relevant. The pandemic situation has made this question more important.

Prime minister Narendra Modi in a televised speech on the fifth anniversary’s Skill India Mission, a plan to train 400 million Indians by 2022, said the Mantra for staying job-relevant is to skill, up-skill, and Re-skill. Skill is the ability to do something with expertise, but to stay relevant, one needs to re-skill, which is to continuously learn new abilities and improvise and up-skill to expand the expertise to related fields. Knowing, understanding, and following the Mantra of skill, re-skill, and up-skill is important in everyone's life, he said while talking about how to stay job-relevant during the pandemic.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was addressing a digital conclave on World Youth Skills Day; an event celebrated on July 15 every year recognized by the United Nations.

The world is changing rapidly and new technologies are being invented each day. So its important we keep up and adapt quickly. Skill enhancement is inevitable in today's world. Many companies are investing heavily in their employees to upskill them so that they can increase their productivity and keep up with the pace. In the current scenario, unemployment has increased highly, especially in India. As many graduates are jobless today, the knowledge gained through an academic program is not enough to get recruited. It needs to be supplemented with relevant skills and industrial knowledge to impress the recruiters. Even the working professionals need to upgrade their knowledge and skills to stay job-relevant and eliminate the fear of lagging behind.

PM Modi was addressing India's youth on how to stay job-relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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