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Super Raftaar Batch for CSIR NET 2022

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Now that CSIR NET Exam dates are out, wondering How to prepare in these last few days? 
Worry not! Biotecnika comes to your rescue! 

Introducing Super Raftaar Batch for CSIR NET. 

With very few days left to prepare, practice, and revise, covering the entire syllabus is impossible. With the Super Raftaar batch, you can now learn from the Expert lectures and cover all the Important Topics needed to ace the CSIR NET Exam. With this self-learning module, prepare at your own pace and at the time of your convenience. 

Topics which will be covered: 

Unit 1

Molecules and their Interaction Relevant to Biology

Stabilizing interactions, biomolecules (amino acids, carbohydrates, nucleic acids), protein structure, enzymes, thermodynamics, important metabolism concepts

Peptide Bond & Ramachandran Plot; Protein

folding & Denaturation

Unit 2

Cellular Organisation

Membrane Structure; Solute transport, Protein targeting, Chromosome organization, Transposon, Operons, Cell cycle 

Unit 3

Fundamental Processes

Protein synthesis and processing, Regulation of gene expression 

Unit 4

Cell Communication and Cell Signaling

Signaling pathways & Immunology

Unit 5

Developmental Biology

Basics of development, cleavage division, gastrulation, C.elegans, amphibian, Drosophila development

Unit 6

System Physiology-Plant

CO2 fixation pathways, Respiration pathways, Nitrogen metabolism, Phytohormones, Stomatal opening and closure (triggers), Solute Transport ( Water potential), Abiotic stress ( Adaptive mechanisms)

Unit 7

System Physiology-Animal

Endocrinology and reproduction, Excretory System, Cardiovascular system

Unit 8

Inheritance Biology

Mendelian Genetics, Probability in genetics, Mutations and Chromosomal aberrations

Microbial genetics, Pedigree Analysis, Linkage mapping

Unit 9

Diversity of Life forms

The phylogenetic study, Evolutionary relationships among the taxa, different protozoan and bacterial diseases, common parasite and pathogens for different hosts,

Unit 10

Ecological Principles

Niche, Population ecology, Community Ecology

Unit 11

Evolution and Behavior

Paleontology and evolutionary history, Molecular tools in phylogeny, orthologous and paralogous genes, H-W law, Speciation, Altruism, and kin selection

Unit 12

Applied Biology

Transgenic animals and plants, Agrobacterium-mediated gene transfer

Unit 13

Methods in Biology

DNA Manipulating & Modifying

enzymes, Vectors, Flow cytometry,

Spectroscopic Techniques (Absorption &

Emission Spectroscopy, Beer Lambert's Law)

Microscopic techniques, Forms of radiation &


The Super Raftaar Batch will be a self-learning Module. Get Access to Lecture videos, Pick the topic of your choice, and get started with the revisions. 

Salient features you must now: 

  • Get access to the Class lecture videos Conducted by CSIR NET Experts of Biotecnika 
  • Online Study Portal Access: Get access to recorded lectures. Revise any number of times. Also, watch the class recordings of other batches to understand the topics in-depth. 
  • Powerpoint presentation- Highly recommended while revising 
  • 24*7 Faculty support- Our experts are here to guide you and resolve your queries 

If your goal is to ace these competitive exams, our goal is to assist you while you step closer to your goals.

Super Raftaar Batch is free with Eklavya Batch for June 2022 and December 2022. Reach our admission Department to know more- 1800-1200-1818 (Toll-Free) or 080-5099-7000