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MasterClass On Mass Spectrometry Technique - PPT Download

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MasterClass On Mass Spectrometry Technique - PPT Download

Mass spectrometry is a revolutionary analytic technique that has been used in various fields of study. This analytical method relies on sorting and identifying gaseous ions according to their mass-to-charge ratios, which can be found through electric or magnetic fields. Mass Spectrometry evolved over recent years into one of the most popular methods for drug testing and discovery, food contamination detection, pesticide residue analysis, and isotope ratio determination, among many others uses.

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  • Powerpoint Author: Mrs.Priyanjana Gosh & Mrs. Somrhita Pal

Key Contents of the presentation:

  • Introduction to Mass Spectrometry based proteomic analysis
  • Difference between Spectrometry & Spectroscopy
  • Types of Mass Spectrometry 
  • Application of MS in healthcare
  • Basic components of Mass spectrometer
  • Key steps and working
  • Recent advances in MS-based clinical proteomics
  • Mass Spectrometer in the ‘OMICS’ Era 
  • Mass Spectrometry and Global market

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Mass spectrometry has become an indispensable technique in every life science and chemical science Laboratories. Over the decades, there have been major advances in mass spectrometry techniques. In this presentation, the mass spectrometry technique and proteomic analysis have been explained in detail. The types of mass spectrometry, the key components, and the working of the mass spectrometry technique have been dealt with. Also one can find how much spectrometry has been crucial in the omics era. Mass spectrometry technique has been evolving with the growth in Healthcare and Life Science Research, proving to be one of the skills that every research enthusiast must master. This presentation will be useful for every life science, chemical science, and pharma candidate.  Go ahead and grab your copy today.