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Industrial Biotechnology Internship

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The objective of the program is to familiarize students with the most modern techniques with a strong emphasis on the understanding of basics. To imbibe fearless confidence in students to handle any experimental protocol.

Training Takeaways:

Individual handling of all experimental protocols

An understanding of preparing all solutions without the use of kits Sample loading and methods of analysis

Result interpretation Troubleshooting techniques

Duration: 30-45 working days

Note: Certificates will only be provided to students who complete all the experiments successfully.


    • Sterilization techniques
    • Isolation of Industrially important Microorganisms from natural sources
    • Genus level identification of unknown microorganisms
    • Bacteriological examination of water by (MPN test)
    • Determination of Bacterial Growth Curve by the Spectrophotometric method
    • Microbiological analysis of food products
    • Screening of microorganisms for the production of enzymes for industrial application
    • Starch hydrolysis test
    • Casein hydrolysis test
    • Catalase test
    • Urea hydrolysis test
    • Gelatine hydrolysis test
  2. Industrial Microbiology
    • Sterility tests by AOAC
    • AOAC disinfectant test
    • Preservative efficiency test
    • Bioburden tests
    • Detection of nicotinic acid by bioassay
    • Demonstration of Koch’s postulates for bacterial and
    • Fungal pathogens
  3. Applied Microbiology
    • Production of wine from grapes
    • Production of amino acids and detection by chromatography
    • Production of enzymes and Enzyme assay
    • Screening of microorganisms for the production of Antibiotics
    • Production of antibiotics
    • Antibiotic sensitivity test
    • Production and estimation of citric acid from fungi
    • Production, purification, and characterization of

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