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How To Make A Career In Legal Genetics - PPT Download

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Legal Genetics Masterclass
How To Make A Career In Legal Genetics - PPT Download


Genetics is one captivating field of biology that promises to answer the numerous questions we have on DNA, genes, and heredity. It is one of the central pillars of biology and leaves a significant impact on other branches like medicine, agriculture, and biotechnology. Gives the advances in technology fields like genetics testing and genomic studies have been rapidly evolving.  

Genetic engineering and genetic testing have become an integral part of medical research. Many of these studies raise ethical questions which need to be debated. Legal Genetics was born to monitor the ethical and legal aspects involved in genetic research. 

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  • Powerpoint Author: Mrs. Somrhita Pal & Ms. Poushali 

Key Contents of the presentation:

  • What is genetics?
  • Birth of genetics
  • Applications & branches of Genetics
  • Introduction to Genetic testing
  • The legal issue in Genetic testing
  • Bioethics and its importance
  • Epidemiology and legal genetics
  • Need for Legal Genetics
  • Biotecnika’s Certification Course on Legal genetics

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Genetics is a vast field where one can make a successful career. This presentation aims to take you through one of the career options for Geneticists. Legal genetics has become a necessity in the current scenario where a lot of genetic information is created. The use of this information has to be monitored to avoid discrimination in the health care system. 

In this presentation, the concept of Legal genetics has been introduced in a simple format. From this, one can understand the components of Legal genetics and its importance, its role in the public healthcare system, and the risks involved.  Interested candidates can also learn about the Legal Genetics Certification course.