DBT Mock Test Series 2019

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Dear students,

To enhance your DBT preparation, Team Biotecnika has come up with Mock test papers for DBT exam. Kindly attempt DBT Mock Test Papers & judge your performance.

Kindly find the DBT JRF Test series 2019 schedule below.

There will be a total of 21 tests including 2 full syllabus test & 19 tests based on subtopics of the syllabus. Each test will comprise of 50 MCQs, carrying +4 marks each for the correct answer & -1 for each wrong answer.

  • DBT JRF Test-0 ( Full syllabus) - 12th Jan 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-1 (Aptitude) - 15th Jan 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-2 (Biomolecular structure and function) -18th Jan 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-3 (Methods in Biotechnology) -21st Jan 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-4 (Organization of structure and functions of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells ) -24th Jan 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-5 (Cellular processes) -27th Jan 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-6 (Recombinant DNA Technology) -30th Jan 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-7 (Genetics, Phylogeny & Evolution) -2nd Feb 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-8 (Genomics and Proteomics) -5th Feb 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-9 (IPR, Biosafety & Bioethics) -8th Feb 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-10 (Agricultural Biotechnology) -11th Feb 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-11 (Animal Biotechnology: ) -14th Feb 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-12 (M. Tech. Biotechnology, Biochemical Engineering and Industrial Biotechnology) -17th Feb 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-13 (Bioinformatics & Computational Biology) -20th Feb 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-14 (Environmental Biotechnology) -23rd Feb 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-15 (Marine Biotechnology) -26th Feb 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-16 (Medical Biotechnology) -1st March 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-17 (Molecular and Human Genetics) -4th March 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-18 (Neuroscience) -7th March 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-19 (Pharmaceutical Biotechnology) -10th March 2019
  • DBT JRF Test-20 (Full syllabus) () -13th March 2019

Do provide us with feedback after attempting the paper which could be utilized to upgrade the standard.

All the Best!!

For any assistance contact us in chat or call 1800-200-3757 / 080-5099-7000

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