CRISPR Advanced Certification Course

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CRISPR-Cas9 is the most powerful of the new gene editing tools available to mankind today. watch the video below to understand how CRISPR is going to change the world.



This is an Advance level course which aims to give you a deep insight into How CRISPR Works and how you can make it work for you. At the end of this course, your knowledge about advanced CRISPR techniques will be enhanced and you will understand the various ways CRISPR can be used in a Lab set up to reach the end goals.

Starts: 14th March 2019

Duration: 14 Days ( 21 Hours coursework )

Mode of Workshop: Online

Instructors: Top 5 CRISPR Experts of BioTecNika: DR Prabhakaran Ravichandran, Dr Urmimala, Dr Preeti Saini, Dr Rashmi Sanyal, Dr Sunita Adak

Who must attend:

  • Students in their B.Sc / B.Tech / M.Sc / M.Tech who aspire to work on cutting-edge research technologies of the FUTURE

Certification: All participants who attend this workshop will get Course Participation Certificate Hardcopy. 

Special Discounts for Participants of CRISPR Basics Course: Students who enrolled for CRISPR Basics course will get a discount. Kindly contact 080-5099-7000 / 1800-200-3757 for more details or contact us in chat.

What Students said about our CRISPR Basics Course:

Biotecnika Crispr course reviews

Course Module:

DAY 1 Revision to basics and Somatic/ Germ line modification
DAY 2 Methods for mutation detection and cell manipulation using the most current technologies.
DAY 3 gRNA and PAM CRISPR locus
DAY 4 CAS9 and CPF1 and modern variations (CAS-FISH) - comparison
DAY 5 CRISPR interference - CRISPRi and CRISPR a
DAY 6 Repair - HDR, NHDR (Homology-directed repair)
DAY 7 Selection of appropriate vector system (using gRNA)
DAY 8 Generation of knock-in knock out cells, disease models
DAY 9 Application in induced pluripotent stem cells
DAY 10 Application in plant breeding and horticulture
DAY 11 Application of CRISPR in genetic disorders and Biomedicine
DAY 12 Co-evolution - Reverse Transcriptase associated with CRISPR CAS system
DAY 13 CRISPR on-target and off target analysis
DAY 14 Summary, recognitions, patents, limitations and future aspects

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