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Biomarker Discovery Certification Course

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Biomarker Discovery Certification Course

What are Biomarkers? What is their Importance in the current research scenario? Where do they find their significant applications?

To answer various such questions, Biotecnika brings you Certification Course on “Biomarker Discovery.”

What is a biomarker?

‘Biomarker’ is a word formed from a conjunction of two words biological and marker. Any organic molecule found in blood, other body fluids, or tissues that is a sign of a normal or abnormal process or of a condition or disease can be considered as a biomarker. So biomarker marks a trait or diseased condition or a specific response to medication. Examples of biomarkers include high blood pressure, specific anatomical structures, and physiological measures.

Biomarkers are being used in basic and clinical research and clinical practices more often since specific and well-characterized biomarkers contribute to precisely predict relevant clinical outcomes across a variety of treatments and populations. They are aggressively being used in tumor research where cell type-specific markers, tissue-specific markers, tumor type-specific markers, markers of malignancy, and prognostic or predictive markers of cancers are used.

Role of Biomarkers!

  • Biomarkers may help to investigate a cancer condition, much earlier than it is detected by the conventional methods used to diagnose it. Diagnostic biomarkers may be found to contribute to this.
  • Biomarkers can assist in estimating the forcefulness of the disease and the expected response of the patient to the disease in the absence of effective treatment. Prognostic biomarkers are making this prophecy possible. This course on Biomarker Discovery Certification will help you understand all in detail.
  • Biomarkers can also help to identify the nature of different patients who will respond to different categories of drugs. These biomarkers are termed as predictive biomarkers.
  • Biomarkers of all kinds have been used by researchers, physicians, and scientists to study the etiology of various human diseases.
  • Several types of biomarkers are in use like Molecular biomarkers, Physiologic biomarkers anatomic biomarkers with molecular or biochemical biomarkers being the most common.

Biomarkers are the future!

The future application of biomarkers will be to select and guide therapies for various diseases. Specific biomarkers identify a pathophysiologic perturbation or noxious mediator to counteract or the need to replete a deficient protective protein in the body. Functional genomics could identify the patients at risk for illness or chance for a poor outcome in critical illness. The genetic expression studies could help differentiate patients with sepsis from those with noninfectious inflammation and could also help to monitor diseases over time. Expressional & functional proteomics could lead to the identification of new biomarkers and organ-specific therapies.

Biomarkers are evidencing as an active area of research which can be clearly inferred from the increasing trend seen in the research articles published on biomarkers in recent decades.

Biomarkers certainly hold a tremendous potential in developing the characterized and personalized medicines and this potential should be polished to extend its benefits to the society.

    What you can learn in this Biomarker Discovery Certification workshop?

    • In Silico Biomarker Discovery Based on Tissue-specific Protein Profiles in Normal and Cancer Tissues.
    • Promises and Limitations of in silico biomarker discovery
    • Companies Working in this field
    • Latest Research conducted & much more

    Who must attend the Biomarker Discovery Certification Workshop?

    • Students in their B.Sc / B.Tech / M.Sc / M.Tech who aspire to work on cutting-edge research technologies of the FUTURE.

    Why this Workshop is not FREE:

    Our experts have done in-depth research, This analysis is not just rare but also very crucial information not readily available on the Internet. If you wish to stay ahead of the crowd and the growth curve, Rs. ( including GST ) is a very small investment in your career. Whether you are getting started in the industry or you have already burnt your fingers here, this workshop on Biomarker Discovery Certification is a must-attend for all. Also, we believe that price is a very minimal investment towards your career if you are serious in making a mark in the industry.

    Customer Reviews

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    Mohd Ilyas
    Needs to explain it more

    Needs to explain it more

    Nirbhay Pnadey
    This course is very useful, for studying various human diseases

    This course is very useful, for studying various human diseases for the physical and chemical researchers Biomarkers are essential and through this course, I got a brief knowledge about the Biomarkers

    Sudeep Singh
    With the increase in the cancer patient, day by day Biomarkers is essential who may help to inves...

    With the increase in the cancer patient, day by day Biomarkers is essential who may help to investigate a cancer condition. Very helpful course