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BioEntrepreneurship Certification Course

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Biotechnology is the future of India's economy. With its vital potential to play a crucial part in accelerated economic development and ranking among the top 12 biotechnological destinations worldwide, it won't be long before this nation becomes a major player on that international stage!

A new wave of entrepreneurship in India is being driven by the need to solve some of humanity's greatest challenges. This includes food security, healthcare, and environmental issues, just to name a few. Biotechnology innovations will be key drivers for bringing about these changes that we so desperately need.

Course Instructor: Shekhar Suman & Neha Suman - Serial Entrepreneur and Investor & Influencer

Course Timing: Tuesday & Thursday 7 PM to 8 PM in Biotecnika App or Laptop / Desktop

Course Modules:

  1. Introduction
  2. Pillars Of Biotechnology Startups
  1. Why Start A Company In The Biotech Sector?
  2. Why Start Now?
  3. Why Your Point Of View Is Unique, And Why Others Cannot Understand Your Idea?
  4. Why Do People Think You Are Crazy To Start A Biotech Company?
  5. 10 Reasons/Factors Why You Must Not Start A Biotech Company
  6. 10 Reasons/Factors Why You Must Start A Biotech Company
  1. What Are The Risks Vs. Benefits Of Starting A Biotech Company?
  2. What Are Things One Should Know Before Starting?
  3. What Are The Do’s And Don'ts?
  4. What Are The Registration Requirements For A Biotech Company In India?
  1. How To Find A Business Partner For Your Biotech Startup?
  2. How To Start A Biotech Company In India?
  3. Things To Note Before Starting A Biotech Company
  4. How To Get Your First Employee?
  5. How To Appoint A CEO, CSO, CFO, And CTO?
  6. How To Leverage Your Education As An Advantage?
  7. Passion Product Fit Vs. Product Market Fit
  8. What Makes You Unique?
  9. How To Achieve Product-Market Fit For Biotech Startups?
  10. How To Find Your Target Audience & Engage Them?
  11. How To Use Digital Assets To Create Engagement For Your Audience?
  12. How To Educate Your Target Market About Your Product?
  13. How To Design & Types Of Products / Services Which A Biotech Startup Can Offer?
  14. How To Market Your Products & Services As A Biotech Startup?
  15. How To Brand Your Biotech Startup Company?
  16. How To Sell Your Products Faster?
  17. How to make your Biotech Startup successful - Best Practices For Making A Successful startup In India/Abroad
  18. How To Patent Your Product?
  19. How To Use Compounding To Grow Your Biotech Startup?
  20. How To Handle Failures In Your Startup Journey?
  21. How To Build On Top Of Your Biggest Failures?
  22. How To Make Profits?
  23. How To Reinvest Your Profits?
  24. How To Handle Uncertain Market Conditions?
  1. When To Seek Funding?
  2. When To Deny Funding?
  3. When To Launch Your Product?
  4. When To Shut Down The Startup?
  5. Biotech Startups Vs. Bio-IT Startups
  6. What, Why & How?
  7. Pros Vs. Cons
  8. Where To Seek Funding?
  9. Government Of India Funding Opportunities
  10. Global Government Funding Opportunities
  11. Funding Through Private Investors
  12. Funding Through Philanthropic Organizations
  13. Factors Driving The Growth Of Biotech Startups In India & The World
  14. Top Biotech Startups In India & World
Challenges & Failure:
  1. Why Do Many Biotech Startups Fail?
  2. Challenges Faced By Indian Biotech Startups
  3. Ideas & Future Scope
  4. Some Biotechnology Startup Ideas
  5. The Covid-19 Opportunity For India's Biotech Startups
  6. Future Scope
  7. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish