Molecular Docking Training & Certification Online Workshop

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Experience the Real Docking of a Drug with Ligand

The best way to grab employment opportunities is to exhibit your skills and knowledge depth in your resume which attracts the scientists & employers.  The first thing that segregates you from others is your education qualification. If you have an excellent academic background with additional medals to your name, then you can be rest assured your knowledge level and hard work is assessed.

BioTecNika will be conducting online workshops on Molecular Docking from 7th May 2019. Till today's date, we have successfully trained thousands of research enthusiasts who were not only Bsc & Msc students but Young scientists, university & college faculties, Senior professors, Biotech company executives from all across the world.

MOLECULAR DOCKING Training & Certification Workshop is of 10 days and is designed to learn various types of docking. Molecular docking studies are used to determine the interaction of two molecules and to find the best orientation of ligand which would form a complex with overall minimum energy. It is a vital tool in structural molecular biology and CADD that is computer-assisted drug design and successful docking methods search high-dimensional spaces effectively and use a scoring function that correctly ranks candidate dockings.

With the successful launch of the first course in the series of add on courses, Biotecnika will be announcing the next course which is on Molecular docking.

Molecular docking has become an important tool after the completion of the human genome project which has resulted in an increasing number of research activities in that field.

So what is Molecular docking???

Molecular modeling is a collection of (computer-based) techniques for deriving, representing and manipulating the structures and reactions of molecules, and those properties that are dependent on these three-dimensional structures. This lecture course aims to introduce in a simple way the hierarchy of computational modeling methods used nowadays as standard tools by organic chemists for searching for, rationalizing and predicting structure and reactivity of organic, bio-organic and organometallic molecules.

You will learn in a better way as you will perform the tasks on your computer systems. The program is designed to impart this latest technology in a better way from your home. Online sessions will be conducted every day from 7-10 PM IST (India Standard Time- UTC +5:30).

Who is eligible?

  • The courses are designed to suit Life Science graduates, postgraduates, teaching and industry professionals along with research enthusiasts. All individual streams can apply.
  • A basic level of knowledge about various concepts involved in life science is required.
  • Good internet speed for live streaming is required.

Course Benefits:

  • The content of the courses has been designed to match the industry standards.
  • The course content will be available offline for reference after the scheduled date and duration.
  • Interactive sessions with on spot doubt clearing by the present faculties and industry experts, from the comfort of your home.
  • Understand the applications of these courses in the industry and how to use the same for strengthening your job applications.
  • Timings are designed to suit students as well as professionals.
  • Certificates will be provided on course completion that adds weightage to your profile.

The course starts on 7th May 2019

Hurry up! Grab your seat now !!  Limited seats are available!

For further clarifications call us on 080-5099-7000/ 18000-1200-1818


Introduction to basics of Molecular docking

Day 1: Basic Chemistry Review & Drug Discovery

  • Introduction, history, irrational vs. rational
  • Viral Target Examples
  • Molecular structure, bonding, graphical representations
  • Functionality, properties of organic molecules

Day 2: Bio-molecular Structure & their Molecular Interactions and Recognition

  • Lipids, carbohydrates
  • Nucleic acids, proteins
  • Electrostatics, VDW interactions, hydrophobic effect, molecular recognition (binding energy)
  • Inhibitors types: allosteric, transition state, covalent vs non-covalent, selective, competitive

Day 3Intro. to Methods in 3-D Structure Determination and Molecular modeling

  • Crystallography, NMR
  • Structure Quality, PDB in detail
  • Classical Force Fields
  • All-atom Molecular Mechanics
  • OPLS

Day 4: Molecular Conformation & Primary Sampling Methods for Computer Simulations

  • Small molecules, peptides, relative energy, minimization methods
  • Free energy calculation
  • Molecular dynamics (MD)
  • Monte Carlo (MC)

Day 5Predicting Protein Structure

  • Ab initio prediction (protein-folding)
  • Comparative (homology) modeling
  • Accelerated MD for Blind Protein Prediction

Day 6: Molecular docking

  • Structure-based drug design
  • Protein-ligand Interactions
  • Protein-Protein Interactions,

Day 7: Molecular docking

  • Force fields, inter and intramolecular interactions,
  • Molecular Dynamics Simulations,
  • Active site analysis,

Day 8: Molecular docking

  • Combinatorial Library Design and Atomic constant,
  • Hotspot probes (GRID)
  • Pharmacophores in drug design

Day 9: Molecular docking

  • Introduction to software’s used in molecular docking
  • Demonstration

Day 10: Special Questions & Answer Session

  • Expert Interaction where you can ask all your questions
  • Certificate Dispatch


    Additional Information for Molecular Docking Training & Certification Workshop

    • The training session will be conducted every day from 7 to 10 PM IST (India Standard Time- UTC +5:30)
    • The training sessions will be conducted online, and Video backups will be available for future reference in the eLearning Portal
    • In this Workshop, you will have a LIVE Molecular docking trainer who will solve queries along with giving training.
    • Only Windows OS is required.
    • Once you register, we will send you a Welcome email two days before the workshop. This email will have all details of files, software as well as MESSENGER ID on which you have to send the request.
    • If you do not turn up for the training session on any day, you will be given video recording of the previous session
    • The training certificate will be provided on successful completion of the tasks.
    • The Hard copy certificates of all our Online programs are sent by Courier to your Home address or the address provided by you during registration.

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