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RT PCR Hands-On Training Program - Attend Online / Offline

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Become an RT PCR Pro

Sharpen your knowledge & Refine your skills

Master the gold standard of COVID-19 testing

– RT PCR Through our compelling workshop, Accessible to you wherever you are.

Date: 30th July 2023

 Attend Online or Offline at the Training center in Kolkata

This session is not included under scholarships provided by Biotecnika.

Immerse yourself in the comprehensive RT PCR Virtual Hands-On Training Program, led by industry experts. Scheduled on the 30th of July 2023 from 11 am onwards, this three-hour intensive training will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to understand and apply Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT PCR) effectively. This program will be live-streamed, making it accessible to you from the comfort of your home or office.

Training Details:

  • Date: 30th July 2023
  • Time: 11:00 am to 5 pm
  • Duration: 6 Hours Approx
  • How to Attend - Attend Live online via Zoom or offline at the training center at SHRM Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd, Kolkata.
  • Trainers: Sayan Bardhan & Dr. Rupak Roy

Program Highlights

Our structured curriculum comprises theoretical knowledge and practical demonstrations to help you grasp the principles of RT PCR quickly and efficiently. Here's what we have planned:

  1. Theory – Basic of Real-Time PCR: Understand the core principles of RT PCR, its applications, and its relevance in various scientific domains.

  2. Instrumentation & Software Demonstration: Get a firsthand look at how to work with essential RT PCR equipment and software. We'll walk you through the intricate details to ensure you're confident in your understanding.

  3. Practical Part – Sample Loading, Machine Running: Experience a live demonstration of the actual experimental process, including sample loading and machine operations.

  4. Practical Part - Result Analysis: Learn how to accurately interpret and analyze your PCR results to make data-driven conclusions.

  5. Determination of Ct Value, Delta Ct, Delta Delta Ct, Gene expression: Gain in-depth knowledge of advanced RT PCR techniques, including the computation of Ct Value, Delta Ct, Delta Delta Ct, and understanding gene expression.

Why Attend this Workshop?

In the wake of the global pandemic, RT PCR has become an indispensable tool in detecting and understanding the COVID-19 virus. It is widely recognized as the gold standard for COVID-19 testing, capable of identifying the virus's presence even in the early stages of infection. This technique is not only vital in managing the current health crisis but also holds the potential to tackle future challenges in the field of health and medicine.

Learning RT PCR can help you stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the field of molecular biology, biomedical research, and healthcare. By attending this workshop, you will:

  • Gain a strong foundational knowledge of RT PCR
  • Understand the role and significance of RT PCR in managing COVID-19
  • Develop practical skills for using RT PCR in professional or academic research
  • Learning to analyze and interpret results accurately is a crucial aspect in both diagnostics and research.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is suitable for a wide range of professionals and students, including:

  • Biologists and biomedical scientists
  • Healthcare professionals and clinicians
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Research scholars and students in the field of biology, biotechnology, genetics, and related disciplines
  • Anyone interested in learning about RT PCR and its applications in COVID-19 and other areas of molecular biology

Join us to make a meaningful contribution to the global health landscape. Let's learn, grow, and work together to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow.

    Registration: Secure your spot for this highly informative Training by registering now. Limited seats are available, so don't miss this opportunity to enhance your expertise in RT PCR.

    Note: The Training will be conducted in English.

    Frequently asked questions on These Training Sessions.

    Are these going to be live sessions?

    Yes, The Training session will be conducted LIVE.

    What If I miss a session?

    The recording of the sessions will be available for five days post-completion of the training. So you can go back and refer to the recordings, but make sure you do not miss the live sessions and take maximum benefit from them. 

    Is this hands-on?

    This will be a live online training.

    How to get the hard copy certificate?

    To avail of the hard copy certificate, the candidate should attend the complete session and pay a small fee.

    Whom do I contact for any further queries or technical difficulties?

    Have any trouble? Get in touch with our team. Click on the virtual chat assistant or write to us at or