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Molecular Biology Techniques Internship

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Molecular Biology Techniques Internship

 Molecular biology Techniques - Biotecnika's Self-learning Course

When one wants to write words one must learn the alphabet first, in the same way, each researcher needs to know some important lab techniques to be efficient in wet-lab experiments. Be it the R&D segment of any government institute or the private companies, the most important question a recruiter asks is what are the techniques known by a candidate. A lot of institutes/research labs provide opportunities for various hands-on training for lab techniques. But it is very important to understand and know the basic concepts & its applications. That’s why we are offering this course for all Life science students, researchers & industry professionals.

The Molecular biology Techniques course is designed to learn various types of molecular biology techniques.  The course includes content on techniques involved in the molecular study, its mechanism, mode of applications and its future aspects. This course will be covering a wide array of research areas such as molecular biology, immunology, cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, animal or plant biotechnology. This course will make the students familiar with the techniques employed in molecular biology, experiments involved using different techniques and the use of instruments in these techniques.

All Life Science students, graduates, Bio-professionals who are interested to make their fundamentals strong are eligible to take up the course.

We are super excited to bring you our Molecular biology Techniques, self-learning Course. This course will help you create a rock-solid foundation in Molecular Biology. Biotecnika introduces Molecular Biology Internship to help Bio students/professionals to enhance their practical knowledge & also to grab the Job quickly and make the process easier.

What does the Molecular biology Techniques course offer?

The Molecular biology Techniques course module is designed in such a way to cover the principles, procedure, result in interpretation, the dos, and don't in wet lab procedures. Laboratory techniques like Estimation methods, Microbial Techniques, Chromatography Techniques, Protein Assay techniques, Protein Purification and estimation methods, PCR techniques, Techniques in Recombinant DNA technology, Immunological assays, and sequencing techniques are discussed in detail.

What Our Successful Students Say:


Molecular biology Techniques Course Modules includes:

  • Introduction To Molecular Biology Techniques - Advantages of this course

Molecular biology Techniques Self-learning Course

  • Chapter 1: Biochemistry Techniques

Day 1 - Biomolecules Estimation Methods 

  • Chapter 2: Microbiology Techniques

Day 2: Bacterial growth Curve, Conjugation, Antibiotic Sensitivity, Phage Titration

Day 3: Transduction, Transformation, Bacterial Gene Expression

  • Chapter 3: Chromatography Techniques

Day 4: Chromatography Techniques - Part 1 

Day 5: Chromatography Techniques - Part 2 

  • Chapter 4: Protein Assay Techniques

 Day 6: Protein Assay Techniques - Part 1 

 Day 7: Protein Assay Techniques - Part 2

 Day 8: Proteins purification and estimation 

  • Chapter 5: Molecular Biology Techniques

 Day 9: Electrophoresis 

 Day 10: PCR Techniques 

 Day 11: Markers 

 Day 12: ELISA, FACS

  • Chapter 6: Recombinant DNA Technology

 Day 13: Recombinant Technology - Part 1 

 Day 14: Recombinant Technology - Part 2 

 Day 15: Nucleic Acid Sequencing 

 Day 16: Protein Sequencing 

 Day 17: Hybridization Techniques 

  • Chapter 7: Immunology Techniques

 Day 18: Blood group testing, Immunoelectrophoresis, Elispot,    Immunofluorescence

 Day 19: Latex agglutination, Western blotting 

 Day 20: Immunodiffusion, Double Diffusion, Radial Immunodiffusion 

This Molecular biology Techniques course will enhance your knowledge and conceptual skills in the field of Biotechnology. The contents of the course have been designed to meet the industry standards when one applies for a job. 

After completing Molecular Biology Courses one can be recruited as a Molecular biologist, Project assistant, Jr/Sr Research fellow, Research associate among others.  After attending this course one can take up several hands-on training on various techniques to further enhance your skill sets. 

Benefits of Attending the Molecular biology Technique Course:

  • Course content Meets the industry standard
  • Attend online anywhere anytime
  • Interactive sessions with on spot doubt clearance
  • Timings are suitable as per the students and working professionals
  • A hard copy of Certificates will be provided on course completion that adds weightage to your profile.

Eligibility for Molecular biology Techniques Course :

  • All Life Science graduates, postgraduates, teaching and industry professionals along with research enthusiasts can apply.
  • A basic level of knowledge about various concepts involved in life science is required.
  • Good internet speed and a laptop is required for live streaming

Molecular biology Techniques FAQs

FAQs- Self-learning Course

  • What is an Online Internship?

An Online Internship means you can log at internship timing, attend LIVE classes, and complete assignments. However, you must watch 90% of all the lessons to proceed to the next lesson and if you want a Hard copy certificate you must secure 90% Marks in the test, which will be available at the end of the course. Every lesson will be followed by Assignments and LIVE Classes

  • How to Register for Molecular Modelling Internship?

Add Molecular biology Techniques Internship to your Cart >>> Proceed to Checkout >>> Payment Gateway >>> Seat Confirmed

  • How to get started with the Molecular biology Techniques Internship?

Once you enroll for the awesome course, You will get the activation email almost immediately. start and finish the course at your pace! Start learning whenever you can. 

  • How to unlock the next lesson of the Molecular biology Techniques course?

Once you master a session hit the Complete and Continue button on the top to begin your next session. Make sure you don't skip through! Unless you complete the current lesson you cannot proceed to the next lesson

  • What is the time limit to complete the Molecular biology Techniques Internship?

Unlimited access until you decide to complete the course. But once you have given your certification test, the course ends. If you fail in the test, you can revise the course again

  • How do I evaluate myself?

Time to test all the knowledge you have gained. Take the test at the end of the Molecular biology Techniques course and evaluate yourself. Every Self Learning Course has a test at the end.

  • How to get the hard copy certificate?

 To avail, the hard copy certificate, Get  90% and above in test and Get Certified! The certificate will be sent to your doorstep. Now you know not to skip through the course.

  • Whom do I contact for any further queries?

Having any trouble? Get in touch with our team. Click on that Chat thingy or write to us or 

Will BioTecNika Provide any Job Guarantee / Assistance?

No, BioTecNika does not provide any Job Assistance or Guarantee. However you are free to apply for a Job on BioTecNika’s Job Portal and certainly, employers will give more weightage to you due to the reputation of BioTecNika and the Knowledge possessed by you after the course. A Certification from BioTecNika is well respected and honored by most of the employers in the industry

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Our Vision: To Reach every Bio Professional in our country and help them build a strong career.