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KWIK Scholarship 2023 Activation

Original price Rs. 48,000.00 - Original price Rs. 48,000.00
Original price Rs. 48,000.00
Rs. 170,492.00
Rs. 170,492.00 - Rs. 170,492.00
Current price Rs. 170,492.00

Mega Launch - KWIK Scholarship 2023-24

Kariko Weismann Innovation & Knowledge Scholarship

2023 will end soon, so why not enter 2024 in Style - Where will you be sure about your career direction?

17 Biotech Companies are coming Together To Train You

Get Job Placement + Stipend + Internship + Coaching + Mentoring + Hands-on Training

All Under the KWIK Scholarship



Introducing the KWIK Scholarship - The Kariko Weismann Innovation & Knowledge Scholarship, a groundbreaking initiative in research career support. Sponsored by Biotecnika, the KWIK Scholarship program presents a remarkable chance to unleash your potential and embark on a promising research journey. With a strong focus on affordability, the KWIK Scholarship offers unparalleled support for research careers at unprecedented low costs.

From research internships to entrance exam preparation, workshops, conferences, mentorship, and much more, this all-encompassing program ensures you gain access to all the vital resources and guidance required for excelling in your research pursuits. With a dedicated commitment to empowering budding researchers, the KWIK Scholarship is meticulously designed to supercharge your growth, fast-track your career, and open doors to a brilliant future in the realm of research.

Don't let this extraordinary opportunity slip away. Seize the chance to unlock your potential and shape your research career by applying for the KWIK Scholarship today. Take the initial step towards a gratifying and triumphant research journey.

Deadline: 11th Dec 2023

Scholarship Slots Available:

  1. 100% Scholarship 
  2. 90% Scholarship
  3. 80% Scholarship 
  4. 50% Scholarship 
  5. 25% Scholarship


What's Included in KWIK Scholarship

For the First time in India, the International Gold Standard of Research Career will be implemented

Here's what the Scholarship includes:

  1. 1-Year Coaching for CSIR NET & GATE Exams or CUET, IIT JAM, and GAT B Exams: Prepare for your desired exams with comprehensive coaching from industry experts. 
  2. CRISPR mRNA Internship, Bioinformatics Global Tools, Coding For Biologist Internship: Gain practical experience in CRISPR & mRNA with a combination of virtual and hands-on training at an IISc Incubated Lab. 
  3. Industrial Visits at Biotech Companies
  4. Wet Lab Hands-on Training at IISc & JNU Incubated Lab in Bangalore on a Project & Technique of Your Choice: Customize your learning experience by choosing a project and technique of your interest. The only cost you'll incur is the chemical charges, making this opportunity available to KWIK Scholars.
  5. 12 Months of Access to all Global and national Workshops conducted by Biotecnika: Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field by attending workshops conducted by Biotecnika. 
  6. One VIP Pass to Our CRISPR Conference: CRISPR CONGRESS 2023: Virtual Conference. You will get VIP Access to the Conference.
  7. Paper Publication: You can take the help of Biotecnika's Team of Experts to Publish your Papers.
  8. Mentoring Sessions from 120+ Global Biotech Experts: Receive guidance and support from over 120 global biotech experts who will help shape your career. This invaluable mentoring is priced at Rs 4,998.
  9. Networking Sessions: Benefit from networking sessions designed to connect you with industry professionals and potential employers, accelerating your job search.
  10. Direct Access to Our Coaching Experts on WhatsApp: Stay connected with our experts, including Shekhar sir, via WhatsApp. Get your questions answered and receive personalized guidance.
  11. 4 Certification Courses of Your Choice: Enhance your skill set by choosing any four certification courses from our wide range of offerings. The combined value of these courses is Rs 6,000.
  12. Recommendation Letter & 3 Industry References - All Meritorious Candidates will get 3 Letters of Recommendation from our Team of Global Experts. Also, you will get 3 Relevant Industry References so that you can get Jobs faster.
  13. CV & Resume's Designing - CV & Resume Optimized as per the Latest gold standard of the Industry. Design by experts for the ATS.
  14. Study Material Hard Copy - Hard Copy Study Materials of CSIR NET, GATE, Koncept Notes & Mindmaps Included in KWIK Scholarship
  15. Complete Bundle of Konceptika Revision Tools - 
    Koncept Notes
    Konceptika Flowchart Books
    Koncept Mindmaps
    Koncept Cloud
    Koncept Table
    Koncept Wheel

To access all the details of the scholarship, please refer to the attached PDF. Don't miss out on this opportunity to activate your KWIK Scholarship today. Join forces with the global mentorship team of scientists at Biotecnika and receive the best support to propel your career forward.




Announcing CSIR NET , GATE, ICMR , BET, CUET, IIT JAM & GAT B Classes Under KWIK Scholarship

We firmly believe that coaching our students for CSIR NET is a sacred duty, and we must always take it seriously. And that is why we limit our seats to only 16 per batch. However, this also means that many talented students who are equally capable of qualifying CSIR NET exam miss out on this incredible opportunity to get coached by our experienced faculty members. In Short, they become the Eklavya of Modern times. We have decided not to deny admission to these deserving students anymore.

Let's dive into what each side of what KWIK Scholarship Offers:

1: RAID Classes by Experienced Faculties (Part A + B + C)

We know that having the right guidance and support is crucial when preparing for competitive exams like CSIR NET and GATE. That's why we have a team of 14 full-time regular faculties who will help you cover all three parts of the CSIR NET Life Sciences Exam. With personalized attention, access to Animatika Animation Zone, Concept Revision Tools, and Smart Mock Tests every Sunday and Monday, you'll be well on your way to acing the exams.

2: Internship & workshop access, Motivation, Time Management & Productivity Sessions, 24X7 Career Guidance Whatsapp Support, Exam Postponement Guarantee

We don't just want to coach you; we want to equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel in the field of biotechnology. That's why we offer Bioinformatics Internship, 6 Months Workshop Access, Motivation, Time Management & Productivity Sessions, and 24X7 Career Guidance Whatsapp Support. And if the exam gets postponed again, don't worry, we guarantee that you won't have to pay for coaching again.

3: AIMNET Test Series, Previous Year Question Papers, Toughnet Question Bank, Active Recall Training

We know that practice makes perfect, and that's why we provide you with AIMNET Test Series, Previous Year Question Papers, Toughnet Question Bank, and Active Recall Training to help you stay sharp and ready to take on the exam.

CSIR NET Exam = 13 Msc Syllabus

CSIR NET Exam Syllabus is equal to the 13 Msc Exam syllabus. Each unit demands expert specialization from every student. Still, sadly, each of us is an expert in one of two units, for example, a botany student always finds zoology difficult, and a biotech student always finds ecology and evolution boring. Josh Batch solves this problem by getting a Guru of your choice based on your weak points and strong areas.

Coching Includes

  • Coaching for CSIR NET December 2023 & June 2024
  • GATE 2024 Biotech & Life Sciences Coaching
  • Online Test Series for CSIR NET & GATE: AIMNET, AIMGATE
  • 4 FREE Internships
  • 1 Year Free Access to all Workshops of Biotecnika

🤩 KWIK Scholarship Special Features!

  • 💪 Special Sessions by Shekhar Sir: Motivation, productivity, Time Management, Active recall, Memory Management, Habit Management, Failure Management
  • 📱 Whatsapp Doubt Support
  • 🧠 Mindmaps eCopy
  • 📄 Koncept Notes
  • 🧪 4 FREE Internships
  • 🔬 12Months Workshop access.

Students who enroll for 12 Months of courses have the following advantages:

  • Fees are the Same as 6 Months Regular Course
  • More time duration helps aspirants to prepare in a more elaborate manner
  • Better Practice with our expansive sets of Test series & Question Banks
  • A chance to attempt CSIR NET Exam 3 Times and GATE 1 time to perfect your preparation and clear the exam is a sure shot

Call 1800-1200-1818 toll-free for assistance or Chat with us

Batch Timings: 

  • Morning Batch: 10 AM to 1 PM
  • Afternoon Batch: Not Available
  • Evening Batch: 7 PM to 10 PM

What else will I get in this package? 

You will get the following things included in this package:
  • Special Supplements on General Aptitude and Practice papers
  • AIM-NET & Test Series
  • 24X7 Chat Support for Academic doubt solving
  • Free access to Biotecnika’s Online study Portal
  • FREE Access to BioTecNika Koncept Cloud ( Watch the Video below to know more)
  • FREE One Koncept Poster
  • Free Bioinformatics Internship
  • Mindmaps
  • Self Study Booster Package 
  • Study Material
  • AI-Powered AIMNET Test Series
  • Lecture Pen Drive (only for Non-Scholarship Students)
  • Toughnet Question Bank
  • Koncept Table
  • Koncept Wheel
  • Koncept Cloud
  • Double Success Guarantee
  • Premium Guidance via Chat Support & Live Sessions from the Best Teachers

What's More?

Biotecnika introduces Double Success Guarantee Program to boost your success in the exam.

What is the Double Success Guarantee Program (DSG)?

"If you want to increase your Success Rate, double your failure Rate" - Thomas J Watson.

We might fail whatever the reason is, and we all deserve one extra chance to prove ourselves. We @ Biotecnika are ready to give you this extra chance at no extra cost! Biotecnika’s “Double Success Guarantee” program not only serves as insurance for your success but also guarantees that you will certainly pass CSIR NET/ GATE with our coaching services. We are confident, are you?  

Why is BioTecNika giving a Double Success Guarantee to its Students?

BioTecNika's mission & vision is to place you as a future scientist in a well-reputed lab. We firmly believe that today's student is tomorrow’s innovator, and that is you! Thus we are here to give you an extra chance to clear this exam at no extra cost. It virtually means you have the freedom to fail, and BioTecNika will insulate your failure. We are sure you will clear this exam with the help of our coaching within the first attempt itself, and even if you fail to clear the exam, the next 6-month coaching will be FREE! No Extra Cost, No Hidden Cost.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The double Success Guarantee (DSG) program can be used by those who will appear for CSIR in June 2023 and/ but cannot clear it.
  • Exam Attempt is a must.
  • A double Success guarantee is Non-Transferable to any other student