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AIMGATE 2022 - Test Series for GATE Biotech

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AIMGATE Test Series For GATE Biotech & GATE Life Science 2022 

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The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, commonly referred to as the GATE Exam, is a Nation level exam mandatory for candidates looking for admission or acquiring financial assistance to Postgraduate Programs with the Ministry of Education (MoE) and other Government Scholarships. The GATE score is also used during the recruitment process by some Public Sector Undertakings.

While most of the aspirants out there think that the GATE Exam is easy to crack compared to other Biotech Examinations. Well, it's true to some extent but without practice, revision & proper preparation strategy even a smart person can fail. To crack this exam, you require smart preparation, planned revisions, and plenty of practice. 

To give you the best practice, with challenging questions and negative marking Biotecnika brings you the AIMGATE 2022 Test series designed for GATE Biotech and GATE Life Science Exams. AIMGATE 2022 is designed according to the latest changes in the GATE Examination pattern and covering the latest additions to the syllabus.

What does AIMGATE 2022 Covers:

  • AIMGATE is an Online Test series covering the toughest questions for Engineering Mathematics and Biotechnology (BT) questions
  • The test series is a combination of Multiple Choice Questions, Multiple Select Questions, and Numerical Answer Type.
  • Total Number of Tests= 20, 
  • 2 full syllabus tests and 18 Topic wise
  • Negative Marking applicable Only for Multiple Choice Questions







        Biotecnika’s AIMGATE 2022- Implemented with the latest updates

With the latest online test series from Biotecnika, you can now ace the GATE exam with ease!

Knowledge without practice is useless. Practice without knowledge is dangerous.

AIMGATE BT 2022 Schedule

Subject Date  Syllabus
AIMGATE-BT-0 17th Oct 2021 Full Syllabus
AIMGATE-BT-1 23rd Oct 2021 Engineering Mathematics
AIMGATE-BT-2 24th Oct 2021 Engineering Mathematics
AIMGATE-BT-3 31st Oct 2021 General Biology- Biochemistry
AIMGATE-BT-4 6th Nov 2021 General Biology- Microbiology
AIMGATE-BT-5 7th Nov 2021 General Biology- Immunology
AIMGATE-BT-6 13th Nov 2021 Genetics, Cellular, and Molecular Biology-Genetics and Evolutionary Biology
AIMGATE-BT-7 14th Nov 2021 Genetics, Cellula,r and Molecular Biology- Cell Biology
AIMGATE-BT-8 20th Nov 2021 Genetics, Cellular, and Molecular Biology- Molecular Biology
AIMGATE-BT-9 21st Nov 2021 Fundamentals of Biological Engineering-Engineering principles applied to biological systems
AIMGATE-BT-10 28th Nov 2021 Fundamentals of Biological Engineering-Classical thermodynamics and Bioenergetics
AIMGATE-BT-11 5th Dec 2021 Fundamentals of Biological Engineering-Transport Processes
AIMGATE-BT-12 12th Dec 2021 Bioprocess Engineering and Process Biotechnology - Bioreaction engineering
AIMGATE-BT-13 19th Dec 2021 Bioprocess Engineering and Process Biotechnology-Upstream and Downstream Processing
AIMGATE-BT-14 26th Dec 2021 Bioprocess Engineering & Process Biotechnology-Instrumentation and Process Control
AIMGATE-BT-15 2nd Jan 2022 Plant, Animal and Microbial Biotechnology-Plants, Microbes & Animals
AIMGATE-BT-16 9th Jan 2022 Recombinant DNA technology and Other Tools in Biotechnology-Recombinant DNA technology
AIMGATE-BT-17 16th Jan 2022 Recombinant DNA technology and Other Tools in Biotechnology-Molecular & Analytical tools
AIMGATE-BT-18 23rd Jan 2022 Recombinant DNA technology and Other Tools in Biotechnology-Computational tools
AIMGATE-BT- 19 30th Jan 2022 Full Syllabus


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