CSIR NET Memory Flash Cards

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Flash Cards are the newest tool from BioTecNika's stable which aids in memorizing the concepts faster, retain better & revise smarter.

We at Biotecnika are constantly thinking of ways to help the student community in all their endeavors, especially to help you out in the preparation for the CSIR-NET Examinations.
For this year, we present to you Flashcards, a simple tool which will aid in boosting your memory power to retain important concepts.
What is Flashcards you ask?
Flashcards or memory cards are two-sided cards which help in the mental process of active recall i.e., on given a prompt (a question), one produces the answer. This is one of the most simple methods of self-study that is widely used.
The  CSIR experts at Biotecnika have made a virtual + Hard Copy Coloured set of Flashcards that encompass all important terms and concepts all centered around the CSIR NET 2019 Life Science syllabus available to you on signing up. It is virtual, which means it is available anytime and anywhere, interactive and visually appealing with combinations of worded questions with images as answers. The ultimate visual aid to help you succeed in the examinations! 
You can see the demo of Flashcard below. You will get a feel of how effective the Flashcard system is, you can interchange, shuffle, replay and lots more with the various decks available and set yourself up for the most fruitful self-study session for the examinations! Sign up now to avail this opportunity at guaranteed success!
  • No of Flash Cards: 1000
  • Size: Equivalent to a Visiting Card
  • Can be easily carried in the pocket
  • Unit wise Flash Cards are also available

See a Demo Below:


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