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Life Science Jobs & Skills in Demand in 2030

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The Biotech & pharma industry is continuously evolving. In this fast-paced world, the Industry needs to stay updated with the latest developments and technology. To support this growth, there is a dire need for skilled and talented candidates. To full fill the needs of the Job Market, Individuals need to be passionate, dedicated, highly skilled, and always eager to learn new skills and grow. Only by staying updated with technology can one build a successful career. 

Biotecnika brings you a powerful career-building course on Jobs & Skills, which will be in demand in 2030. This course is highly recommended for every Bioscience student and professionals. 

Course Module: 

  1. Session 1 - Introduction to Skills in demand 
  2. Session 2 - Artificial Intelligence
  3. Session 3 - Bioinformatics
  4. Session 4 - Epidemiology 
  5. Session 5 - Pharmacology
  6. Session 6 - Medical Laboratory Technology
  7. Session 7 - Quantum Biology
  8. Session 8 -Quantum Computing
  9. Session 9 - Biomedical Engineering
  10. Session 10- Virology
  11. Session 11- Vaccine Biology

Features of the Course

  • Self-paced course- Start and Complete at your own time 
  • Mode- Online
  • Time required to complete- 90 Mins Approximately 
  • Course Instructors: Mr. Shekhar Suman, Dr. Nupur & Dr. Tanushree
  • Course Activation: An email with login credentials will be sent upon enrollment
  • Course validity:

Take away from the course: 

Our experts speak about the Top 10 Skills and research fields in this course, which will remain in demand in the coming years. These fields dominate the research in the current pandemic and will remain relevant in the coming years. Governments across the globe are realizing the importance of research in the Bioscience area and are readily investing. This is the right time for every Bioscience candidate to identify their area of interest and invest in their future.

This course will give you great insights into what the future of the Life science Industry looks like. Take up this course to learn more about the fascinating fields and learn where you can build a strong career.